In tough trading conditions it’s especially important that when asbestos is removed from a retail environment, it’s done safely and with minimal disruption to the profitable operation of the store.

Our primary job is to remove asbestos safely, to protect our employees, your staff and your customers from exposure during removal.  It’s also vitally important that we provide you with time and cost certainty.

The landscape for asbestos removal in the retail environment was subject to radical change in 2011 following the high profile prosecution and conviction of a prominent UK retailer. The conviction resulted in adverse publicity, a criminal conviction for both the retailer and members of the supply chain and a combined fine and costs of £1,600,000.

We can deliver a competently executed asbestos removal project, to time and to budget.  Our projects are planned carefully to not only ensure the safety of your employees and customers, but also protect your business from reputational and brand damage.

Please contact us to learn more about our professional asbestos removal services.