Asbestos Management

Consultancy services to manage asbestos in premises so you dont’ have to.

Our Asbestos Consultancy

We offer a bespoke and often complimentary service to property and portfolio managers who need to have a real insight into the asbestos management process above and beyond routine and often rudimentary asbestos awareness training.

Our course tutors and consultants are experienced, qualified and respected individuals who have long and established senior management positions in asbestos related consultancies and removal companies and have been involved with expert witness work and litigation.


We can provide expert advice when it’s most needed.

We will tailor a service that is specific to your needs, provide a management and asbestos compliance review and provide you with assistance if things go wrong.  We also provide reactive consultancy.

There is an old adage that “you should learn from your mistakes”. We think a better one is “you should learn from other people’s mistakes” and avoid the cost, lengthy litigation and often emotional distress when asbestos is either overlooked or mismanaged.

    Asbestos Management – CAR 2012

    Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 all dutyholders for non-domestic premises have a duty to manage asbestos within their premises. 

    If you have identified that you are the dutyholder for your premises, then the following items form your legal duties under the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’:

    1) Identify the presence of Asbestos and assess the condition of any identified Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)

    2) Create a record and register of all identified and presumed ACMs within the premises

    3) Develop an Asbestos Action Plan and undertake all necessary actions

    4) Keep records up to date including removals, disturbance and reinspection

    5) Set up a system to provide information on ACMs to anyone who could disturb them



    The alpha tracker system used for our surveys can be used to ensure that compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 is fully met and well controlled. Arco Environmental can offer the following process to manage asbestos in your premises through alpha tracker:

    1) Data Migration – Our consultants analyse your current records and consolidate and transfer the data onto alpha tracker as an asbestos survey report and asbestos register.

    2) Re-inspection – Using the migrated and consolidated data our experienced surveyors will attend the premises and re-inspect all identified ACMs and survey any areas not previously surveyed.

    3) Asbestos Management Plan – Following the re-inspections and surveys our consultants will update the asbestos register and from this develop a management plan for all ACMs on the premises.

    4) Ongoing Management – Arco Environmental can support your ongoing asbestos management by providing awareness training for staff, QR codes to identify ACMs and conducting annual re-inspections.

      About Our Consultancy

      At Arco Environmental we pride ourselves on providing a high quality consultancy service to every customer. We achieve this by focusing on the most important elements of asbestos management:

      • Careful analysis of current records
      • Knowledgeable surveyors and consultants
      • Detailed re-inspections and updates
      • Clear management plans and actions
      • Continuous dialogue with clients

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      Our Consultancy Projects

      Scottow Enterprise Park

      In order to help the management team at Scottow Enterprise Park comply with CAR 2012 Regulation 4 we have re-inspected and surveyed across their premises.


      To support the facilities management company at Akzonobel, Arco Environmental has consolidated their data and begun re-inspecting all ACMs.

      Institute of Contemporary Arts

      ICA have historical records but these needed updating. Arco Environmental have re-inspected and updated their asbestos register and management plan

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