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Arco Environmental have been working on a project for a valued client  of ours. The project involved the safe removal of over 1500 m2 of Asbestos Containing Floor Tiles and Asbestos Bitumen Adhesive over several floors within the building. The client wanted to have all Asbestos Materials removed to allow for the building to be converted from an office block to a residential block of flats.

Some of the floors proved tougher than others due to the fact that the Asbestos items were situated below a large amount of screed and even in some circumstances ceramic tiles.

We were able to facilitate the removal of all items on time and within budget so that our client was able to take control of the building knowing that all the Asbestos identified within the building had been safely removed and disposed of accordingly.

Screed and Bitumen to be removed

Screed and Bitumen to be removed

Completion of work

Completion of work

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