We offer a bespoke and often complimentary service to property and portfolio managers who need to have a real insight into the asbestos management process above and beyond routine and often rudimentary asbestos awareness training.

Our course tutors and consultants are experienced, qualified and respected individuals who have long and established senior management positions in asbestos related consultancies and removal companies and have been involved with expert witness work and litigation.

We can provide expert advice when it’s most needed.

We will tailor a service that is specific to your needs, provide a management and asbestos compliance review and provide you with assistance if things go wrong.  We also provide reactive consultancy.

There is an old adage that “you should learn from your mistakes”. We think a better one is “you should learn from other people’s mistakes” and avoid the cost, lengthy litigation and often emotional distress when asbestos is either overlooked or mismanaged.

Please contact us to find out more about our asbestos consultancy and bespoke training services.