Not only does the historical legacy of asbestos materials and contamination in buildings have serious health effects, but also the economic cost of on-going management and removal can be substantial and unfortunately, from experience,  unexpected.

Regardless of whether you are buying a single property or a portfolio, for cost factoring purposes,  it make sense for the purchaser to make reasonable enquiries as to the extent of asbestos and associated contamination as part of the due diligence process.

If you intend to develop, refurbish or demolish, then it highly unlikely that the asbestos survey documentation that is provided by the seller will allow you to accurately cost for asbestos removal.

As part of our acquisition and divestment service we offer:

  • Desktop review of the survey information provided by the seller, which should also include historical records relating to asbestos removal in the property/property portfolio.
  • Most surveys that are available have been produced with the purpose of identifying asbestos materials which are reasonably accessible – literally surface materials. Asbestos may be present behind non-asbestos material and sometimes asbestos material will be concealing other asbestos material!
    Example: A leading and international building contractor allocates an asbestos removal budget of £1,000,000 based on the information provided by the seller of the portfolio.  The majority of the asbestos is ceiling tiles which conceals the presence of sprayed asbestos on the structural beams resulting in a final asbestos removal cost of £6,000,000. 
  • Where the information is not accurate for budget forecasting we can attend site to check quantities and the accuracy of the data. If permission is granted by the seller, as an asbestos removal contactor we can safely, discreetly and by working out of hours, remove any non-asbestos materials to check for the presence of concealed materials.
  • We know that speed is of the essence and we can rapidly mobilise teams and provide feedback in 48 hours from completing our site investigations.
  • By a combination of review and site inspection where necessary we can provide budgets for management and removal costs which can be used in contract negotiations.
  • If we are provided with the scope of intended work in a property we will undertake an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey in accordance with legislation (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Construction Design and Management Regulations

Our goal is to minimise your risk of unplanned asbestos removal costs.

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